Types Of Fishing Knots

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types of fishing knots
Gold Fish help with my pet?

Hello, My Golden Fish has been through a lot over the years and have always managed to save his / her dear life! This time he or she has some kind of tumor, node, air bubble or something over his her / his eyes and not going away, but he / she has been doing fine, swimming and eating, etc. Does anyone know what this is and how to make it go away if something bad … Thanks! Cassie He / She is a goldfish tail Fan luxury. I'm not sure if it's hard or soft. It is likely that the size of a pea, maybe a little smaller. Stays the same size and is white, sometimes looks gray or black-ish. Has been there for a few months. She is about to die about 4 times but I've been out of everything and has lived until now for about 4 years.

Hmmmm Is it like the size of a pea or smaller? Any certain color to it? Does it look soft or hard? Do they seem to be significantly larger or simply more or less the same? And what kind of goldfish and how long has he / she had? Sorry for all the questions, but knowing a little more about what they think it can help someone to determine what can be

Fly Fishing Knots & Techniques : Learn the Different Types of Nets to Use When Fly Fishing

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