Smallmouth Bass Fishing

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smallmouth bass fishing
What Rapala lure is good for smallmouth bass?

I fish a lot and have found a taste to the Rapala lures. What lure Rapala is the best for catching smallmouth bass? I am also thinking of going fishing on Cayuga Lake soon. What lure or bait would be good for bass pike, large and smallmouth, trout, and so forth? Thanks

I've never been a big fan of Rapala lures (crankbaits jerkbaits or hard body and for that matter) but I really like the look of the Skitter Pop. I was watching a video of a man with Skitter Pop and he took a huge Smallmouth with it, the fish were easily 4 pounds or more. I really like the color pattern Rapala frog that makes this particular model. The Shad Rap is a classic bait that finally catches a small mouth, and as you see, the X-Rap mentioned significantly above. If it's any lure or bait, decoys, 2 "Bass Pro Shops Spring Grub catch the heck out of smallmouth bass and largemouth, and I'm sure you catch a big trout or a pike with it too. Only in a platform-Head Jig, then cast and gradually recover, with the bottom. For bait, 3-4 "fingerlings carp (or any type of structure) will catch the heck out of Smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and Pike. Younger than 2 inches, will catch trout as well.

Jigging for Smallmouth Bass – Smallmouth Bass Fishing

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