Saltwater Fishing Supplies

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saltwater fishing supplies
saltwater tank – first timer!?

Hi – What is the expected cost for an average small saltwater tank, fish, supplies, etc? Commissioning / installation? Monthly or annual charges?

Through my experience with marine aquariums 7 + years, I need to know what you're planning to have. How big is the small and medium size tank will be, so my way of knowing what kind of equipment you will need. For example, if you have a small tank, do not necessarily need a protein skimmer. So I need to know what is planned, the size of the tank, reef aquarium or aquarium only. What type of media you are planning to have in your tank. What type of filter, cartridge, dry / wet, diatoms, or biological filtration. What kind of fish you are planning to buy? Are you thinking of buying an aquarium heater? The amount of food is planning to buy and what kind of food? Doing research is very important in starting a saltwater aquarium, without the knowledge of creation and maintenance a saltwater aquarium can be lower than not. It is very important in the diets of the fish, they will not accept everything you need to know the details of your diet. Will also to know the diseases they carry fish and you have to know how to treat it, because you do not panic, it is fatal to the fish within a few hours to several days. So you see, I can not give an estimated price unless you tell me what your plans are, otherwise, people who have experience in the saltwater hobby have no idea what their costs will be. Another way to give an estimate is, how much are you willing to spend on your own? Anyway, thanks for asking ……………..

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