Saltwater Fishing Charters

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saltwater fishing charters
Does anyone know of any good fishing spots near Miami FL.?

Do not go fishing very often, but recently during the summer I learned that to me and my dad like to go fishing for red snapper preferably salt water, but nothing will do just want to be able to go fishing in our boat and bond with my dad and catch fish so if anyone has any good fishing spots near Miami, it would be great and I've tried to charter the entire boat was not really an experience so good so if anyone can help us and only catch and release so it tends to take any fish out of place.

I heard Miami and came here as fast as I could. Happy to help. Miami Fishing in a boat? Not a problem. Catch and release? Even better. Well, the fishing will be better in the evening around bridges. Want something to talk about for years? Try Tarpon and Snook fishing around the bridges between the 79st and the Venetian bridge. Any link between these places have these fish throughout the year. Government also try cutting some crazy Tarpon and shark action at night. Use live shrimp or pick up some sardines (use sabiki a platform or a distribution network around the light parts of a bridge) quick action to use sharks cut sardines or mullet. Back to bridges, line Free bait to the bridge and beyond the dark line in the water. Keep the boat away from the bridge of shipyards for about 10-20 not to scare the fish. Maybe you do not want to go fishing at night, not a problem. You want to fish the mouth of any entry or Government Haullover court in Miami Beach. You'll get a mixture of all types of fish here. No anchor, because you just get hit by other boats, simple drift and return. Try a workforce of 1 ounce tipped with a shrimp I live here and just drag along the bottom. If you are looking for some action at sea, you need a GPS because there are several reefs you can hit up for Grouper and others. You can find many coordinates here: or pick up a saltwater fishing regs. brochure and get coordinates from there too. No GPS? just follow a party or head boat and drift with them. Keep your distance (200 meters) since this is their lively hood. Derived from a platform Caller with 3 – 5 / 0 hook eye to eye with a whole sardine. Place in the bottom, crank it up 3 or 4 times and drift. You can also use a weight of 8 ounces of egg in the main line so that it moves freely, the tie line of a swivel. Tie a 10 foot leader to the swivel. Draw a single 5 / 0 hook to the line and the use of whole sardines as bait. Drop it easy to the bottom and leave your bail open and the thumb on the spool to let line out slow. You know when you get hit, the line starts to take off faster than it was originally. You can google earth all these places or just buy a map to get an idea of how you want to fish these places. Remember, the fish with the tide going toward the bridge, not far from it. You'll catch more. ~ Catchin good luck. "

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