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offshore fishing tackle
Fishin 'The Story of a … Want to read and release, please?

.. Do not remember much of December 7, 1969. It was my birthday 11 and I am sure that had departed from custom, my parents and friends. (Not even a party with my friends until my birthday 15) I can not say I know why, it was just that way. Aunts and uncles, secretaries and brothers, who was the guest list. I remember turning to get a very nice rod and reel. Was a my dads old rescued from hurricane debris. Stakingly pain apart each reel is recovered, rinsed and soaked them, then re- put them together. Better than new. As if it were a surgery, he presented each pin and the spindle, bearings and gears, then carefully reassembled and oiling each reel. Fishing was personal. He had an arsenal that would make Bill Dance jealous. Freshwater, saltwater, windows, out at sea. Even cane poles. Separate boxes gear for each type, too. So yes, it was a good real fishing gear that gave me …

Sure … and like most poets can fishermen claim the bar is larger than …..

Offshore Rhinostick Fishing rod

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