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montana fly fishing
Fishing trip or summer school?

I am a full time college student enough-I (ie, not depend on parents to pay my bills). I currently attend a community college and am trying to finish my GE so I can transfer to a university as soon as possible (before my savings run out.) I was thinking of going to summer school after this semester, but my father asked me if I would fly to Montana for all expenses paid fishing trip of a week. Life is short, and family time is valuable. However, the journey into conflict with summer school. What should I do?

All expenses paid fishing trip to Montana with his family. Piece of cake in my book. Spend time with her father. Mine died 3 years ago and today was my best fishing buddy. Time is short to spend it wisely. isn't delay school a semester, a high price for quality time with a loved one. Especially when it comes to fishing:)

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    Happy Anniversary for your blog!I was wondering if you had some phoots for the Brenda doorway challenge today? There are some interesting ones the girls have posted already!Hope you can join us!Annie

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