Low Cost Fly Fishing Flies

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low cost fly fishing flies
what would be my ideal pet?

I am a single adult in my 20's but I only had two goldfish when I was 5 years (the parents cared for them myself) and earlier this year i had three Chinese mantis "I and my boyfriend of property that has gone well since they are low maintenance. take Mynd I live with my mom and she hates rodents of any kind, I'm not a fan of fish, birds im afraid to fly a & b control. I need a pet that is a bit low-low/medium maintenance cost, the food, the animal itself, and so on. maybe a reptile. I am in a way a beginner pet care, however, i have a lot of time in my hands, but they disappear for 2 days every 2 weeks. pet what u suggest?

I think a cat / kitten would be an ideal pet for you.

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