Fly Fishing Vacation

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fly fishing vacation
What does it cost to taxpayers of Obama to go on a picnic?

Examples of abuse of taxpayers Obama: Trip to St. Louis to throw a Baseball. Trip to Grand Canyon. Fly fishing in Montana. Night on the town with Michelle in Paris. Holidays in Martha's Vineyard. Dinner in New York. (Flight DC) Labor Day picnic in Cincinnati. All these trips involving flights, security, etc. The time spent at Camp David is not included, since it is the taxpayers' including the provision to the office for rest and relaxation. No wonder you do not have time to properly VETT its advisors or tsars. To Mikal_19 In the words of the Green Czar. You are an @ $ $ hole.

A lot! He does not care that so many people have lost their jobs can not afford to feed themselves themselves or family and are essentially intended for the streets. I think it is a very poor example by spending all this money! But you know what let it go on your trip that is a day less damage it could do to this country!

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