Fly Fishing Small Stream

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fly fishing small stream
UK Stillwater Fly Fishing: Have you heard about the Micro fly fishing?

Check out this site / micro Be this front is designed primarily for small stream / river fishing, but the manufacturers claim J Austin Forbes that this rod is capeable catch large fish such as carp are shown in the website, so ever consider using something like this in a small UK Stillwater fisheries trout, perhaps?

Depends on what water is and what is in it. If you can take a tent, I imagine it could handle a trout. However, think casting distance. That's just a 6'6 rod. Pray the fish in the foreground, and I can not imagine that you have anywhere near the extent of release of a good "normal" long rod. What is more, I imagine the fish control would be seriously hampered by the length too. Ah, and if you understand that in most of the water, would be laughed at the lake. In fact, for that kind of money you can get some half decent kit, really not worth worth the sticker price unless you are in "fishing mode" So in answer to your question: No, I would not use it unless I had no choice (After that I ran out of time articulated branches meeting in the bushes)

Small Stream Dry Fly

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    I did a little finhisg Sunday morning, caught a few bream, nothin to brag about.We went to Tennessee and got some fireworks(they are illegal in georgia, and set them off.I got very drunk on Friday night, but didn’t drink the rest of the weekend.

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