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fly fishing rods
first fly fishing rod and reel combo kit need help!?

I just bought my first thing fly fishing kit comes with a bar Part 2, a spool of rope like some flies this matter, as a clear line, and other plastics as the line I need a website or something for me I help reel in the form of spin and bait cast and coil them and have been for 10 years I just decided to try this, but I'm lost I just want you do not know how to configure everything.

The twisted "rope like things" is the backup. This goes in the first lane. Then, the line of flight "of plastic as line attached to it. past, the leader of "clear line" he continues. The leader should be tapered and the fat end is connected to the line of the fly. You can use nails to attach the knots, fly line and leader to each other. You also need a bit of tippet material to be a leader gait. Just use a blood knot or surgeon's knot to secure. As you change flies, add more tippet to keep the length of their leader. If there is a fishing shop in your area who will be happy to help you configure it as they know that this will bring you back to the flies, line, etc. Also can tell you what working patterns for the species being fished. Good luck with the new cane.

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