Fly Fishing Dry Flies

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fly fishing dry flies
another question on dry and wet flies?

What is the difference between wet and dry flies … and I'll be fishing in the Little Pigeon River for the type of flying you recommend and wat color should fly

Dry flies float on the water surface as the name suggests, and wet flies, such as nymphs sink into the ground fish feed, grain managers often work for trout and other fish species due to fly in the feeding area fish. Dry flies such as grasshoppers work for falsifying an insect that has landed by accident in the water and the surface fish and catch the flight. He also called the colors that work best on the river dove. No color defined by the fact that different flies will emerge and be of different colors. At this time of year seems be a good season for a head of green algae grain and David grasshopper. You may want to waste time with other flies as a black man can fly or elk hair caddis. Do not give in to easy, try every fly for 10-20 minutes and then switch to a fly again. To adequately capture the fish should always consider how an insect in distress WAER move in and should mimic these actions.For Instinct, a grasshopper will begin with the hind legs to be propelled forward, so short, jerky movements would be a way likely to catch fish. May flies glide slowly across the surface of the water, he always gets slower will be appropriate. And the heads of accounts work pulling slowly across the bottom of the holes. a caddis fly will be pulled more as a possible flight, except a little bit faster. Good luck fishing!

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