Fly Fishing Catalogs

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fly fishing catalogs
plz help! Where I can buy these items?

I am very allergic to stinging insects, especially mosquitoes. awhile back i has a catalog that was selling a safari hat that is designed and attached to the screen like material pants for protection from insects, not now I can find them anywhere and can not remember the catalog name, any help would be greatly appreciated:) I love the grill on my deck, but it is very safe because of all the insects flying around, do not want to end up in the emergency room looked like a puffer fish … lol thanks.!

Since you asked good with your other question, I'll give it a shot. The first place I think is at Just type in the "mosquito" in your search bar. They have a lot of fishing and camping and other things that might be what you are looking area. You may also want to try Hope this helps.

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