Fishing For Bass

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fishing for bass
What would be the best rod and reel for bass fishing?

I'm not fond of baitcasters and I'm looking for a spinning reel. Capturing custom is a 2.1 Lb. low, but there is the possibility of catching fish substantially larger. I want something strong enough to catch more fish great if it comes my way, but with enough finesse to make smaller catches fun. I use many of the spinners and buzzbaits. Any suggestions?

What is your price range? When it comes down to it, you can spend as little or as much as you want. You can pay $ 30 for a combo that will work well or pay $ 1000 for a combo that is going to be awesome. (Of course, it's really too much money in my opinion … but if so, why not then?) If you are looking for something in the middle range, which would go with a decent reel nominal 10 pounds and a range of 17 lbs-8 rated rod. If you can pay $ 100 for a spool, then I would that Daiwa. If not, Shimano is probably your best bet. (Midrange Pflueger and Quantum reels are pretty decent for the money.) If you can afford the $ 100 + bar, then I suggest Falcon, Fenwick, Shimano, or quantum. If less than that, I still look at Shimano and Quantum, as well as Shakespeare ….. Keep into account, BassPro and Cabela's will always have things for sale …. esspecially combos.

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