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fishing and gear
What do I need to start fishing for carp / carp?

My father just took the fish (which goes along with a friend) and I would like him to have and spare parts or gear for his birthday – all you need now is a box of bait. I'm looking for something simple, not overly expensive, but something give him a good start. Fish for carp and carp apparently. All suggestions received grately.

Well, since you only have one baitbox, I think a cane spool and can be quite useful for fishing. For a bar, I'd recommend the Abu-Garcia Esprit 13-foot bar party @ £ 39.99 (Including kits and combos) / match fishing and floating -rods/0/abu-garcia/5770 / Y for the reel, a Shakespeare Mach2 rear-drag (2405/040 size) @ £ 19.99 / + spool of Berkley Trilene XL monofilament line (+ £ 6 sizes 3 pounds) to fill the reels on the reel -fishing-monofilament/0/berkley/197 / I also we recommend a landing net + an identifier for the landing net handles / Match-fishing-landing-net-handles/0/dinsmores/5072 / and a couple of decent fishing books to learn more about fishing + on other elements necessary / can be useful / wormdanglecou-21/detail/0754813754

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    Went to northern Pa renetd a cabin, fished and relaxed all weekend. My little girl hauled in bluegills, catfish, several nice smallmouth (about 14 inches), rockbass, and other assorted fish. Everything we hooked we gave her to reel in, plus she caught a bunch on her own. I almost stepped on a huge Copperhead lying in the water, damn thing got away. I hate snakes.

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    Your clutch mesatr cylinder/slave cylinder needs to be replaced and possibly your clutch disc/pressure plate also. This is assuming you have already made sure your clutch fluid level has been checked and topped off.

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    Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Jack! Hope you get stuffed. Give my best to Katie I don’t think we fieshd together even once this year. Tell her it was due to circumstances beyond my control, as evidenced below

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