Beginner Fly Fishing Techniques

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beginner fly fishing techniques
Can you recommend a good book on tying flies?

I've been tying flies for a short time and I like a good reference on fly tying. I do not need a "beginner" book and do not necessarily want the new book or that of most employers. What I want is a solid reference well known and written by a well known high level that includes a lot of "classic" patterns with basic instructions for bonding or material, and then maybe some bit of history and / or instructions for each fly fishing. I'm thinking Ted Leeson "Benchside reference," but I looked through it seems to be just technical – no current pattern instructions. Older books are fine, provided there is some form of photographs or illustrations. Thanks!

The Orvis rates patterns are difficult to overcome. And you are right that is Benchside reference to the technique of pattern. I consider it a "must have" but one that I recommend adding only after you have mastered some basic patterns and basic techniques. Dave Hughes "Essential Trout Flies" is also excellent. And if you're wanting to spend a few dollars more, the "Trout Flies" is all you need BIG Hughes. Book, and about $ 50, but charged excellent: information. No, I'm not Dave) and there are many books out there that are just as good (maybe better). I've been tied up for 30 years and is the book most often use the Index Orvis pattern (several volumes, which may be difficult to find, but usually appear on eBay fairly often). Of books available, the two are hard to beat Hughes if trout is your goal. For an online reference and search in Section Tied lessons by Al Campbell (a great fisherman, excellent level, and the man even better). This little series is excellent, and there are a lot of patterns and with good to excellent instructions and techniques for fishing once been connected. When Campbell was a true fly fisherman who shared everything they knew someone he asked. Taught (literally) hundreds of thousands of fly tying, and think of him each time to tie a fly on a leader. His series is worth a look, no matter how long you've been tied.

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