Bass Fishing Video

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bass fishing video
fishing lures? Under catfish?

I go fishing in the lake at Hanna Park (great lake). I just started to fish after a long pause. I was using live worms that have cut into smaller portions. I took very small fish like the hand of companies. (Bass and ect.) So first off I turned around a spinning reel a deal a lot because my other rod can cast only about 6 feet away. I saw a lot of crazy videos of the worm when he came in one day 6 hours of fishing on Saturday and try it. Any advice for the worm loco or any good colors, hooks, and places to cast. I'm looking to fish size decent! Its defenetly is low and catfish in the lake. I really do not want to go home empty handed! THANKS!

the only way I know to explain it is that when casting outside the desired distance dropped to the bottom of the lake or the depth that you like and bring the bar up until the worm and makes a V shape then left fall back and straighten out and while they let go of the reel play in hope you can understand me, but that's the only way I know to explain it.

Basic Techniques of Bass Fishing


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    I will get back on here later tonight and edit this, but my dad went tawords the end of winter. the guy that took him charged like 100 if you have 4 or more people. i think there was five total on their boat and they fished for about 4 or 5 hrs and caught over 100 fish. i will call him tonight and get the guys name and number. if you don’t want to pay to fish you can go below the denison dam and limit out pretty quick. the limit on the lake is 5 fish with 2 over 20 inches. but below the dam, the limit is 5 with no size limit. i have went down there many times throwing just topwater and limited out in 30 mins to 1 hr. with fish usually ranging from 1 lb up to 5lbs. i have caught bigger with a 16 lb being the biggest last year. i have also seen many 30-50lb blue cats being pulled out to.

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    That’s going to make things a lot easier from here on out.

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