Bass Fishing Boat

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bass fishing boat
Bass Fishing!?

hile I have two questions for yall. My first question is where I can find a really cheap used boat under im only 15 and has no i that much of the money goes to help the links or any information. and my second question is in tournaments and stuff, how to work the points as I see the people online with 200 points how does that work thanks for everthing.

I keep checking my local newspaper classifieds until I found a boat I tell you the truth I love my boat of 12 feet, and Jon can enter places where my friends can not with my trolling motor and use a push pole in the water I can get thin. For fish points and the best thing to do in tournaments that can earn points for weighing in a limit, lunker, etc and in addition to catching points per year.

March Lunker Bass Fishing, Spring Lake State Park

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