Basic Freshwater Fishing

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basic freshwater fishing
I want to start a reef tank saltwater fish less.?

I have a ten gallon fish tank. I have a heater a filter of a bell. Is it necessary a special filter for salt water. I know I need a special light. What about a heater. I have experience with freshwater. I want to know the basic needs of my future tank. If I get a fish i was thinking of a clown or one of those fish Pseudochromis (if i can have). Thanks

It takes a great filter, with a large amount of flow to it. A AquaClear 110 is an option. Use the stove as you would in fresh water. Set aside another tank with a pump and heater so you can pre-mix salt water for water changes. Or, find a source that you can buy water. Petco and some other shops selling filtered seawater that works very well. If you mix your, own look into a reverse osmosis unit with a cartridge of ionization to purify the water before mixing. As for fish, almost everything is out. Certainly Clown Fish that too large. Maybe a firefish alone, or a small species of pseudochromine. A clown goby or small shrimpgoby is another option.

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