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angling canada
If Air Canada 777-300ER Executive class seats safe?

Please do not take offense, I was wondering how the seats are placed. They are at an angle to the direction of motion, so in a case of an accident are more prone to injury because they are forced to side instead of forward as if you were sitting in the economy. Still reinforcement in the case of an accident or have to do something else? Also, I've heard of some companies air with rear-facing seats. Are they safe?

Airlines would not invest in mega U.S. dollars if the companies thought they were safe! The do endless amounts of evidence and put the seats through its paces and custom installation on their aircraft until they are 110% sure it's a safe thing to do. In As for being in a key position in our plane when placed back, then its key position is different than if seated in front and is perfectly safe to brace the two positions. Working for BA

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