Alaska Fishing Tour

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alaska fishing tour
Dallas, Texas and Fort Worth, hunters?

Any Dallas – Hunters interested in hunting Worth Alaska in the near future? Future Iv'e feet wrtting been here under the handle Glacierwolf. I am a long time Alaskan hunter, trapper and hunter safety instructor certified Alaska. There is one square mile Alaska have not worked, flown, hunted, trapped, fishing, has stuck, stranded or crashed a plane in 7 innings thanks to service with the U.S. Coast Guard and 10 years volunteering as an EMT and advanced by mountain rescue mountain. I'm heading to Dallas in January 1929 to February 4 business training. If none of the local want to hear the scoop on how to hunt in Alaska as a place cheaper – and what to expect and take away – I have time to meet. He helped allot of people respect his dream of hunting in Alaska. Be happy to help. I'll trade you – my knowledge of meat home to Alaska to visit and which to avoid, while in Dallas.

Well I live in West Texas, but I know a couple of good places to visit in Dallas. I personally love to walk Addison Beltline th …. that intersects with Dallas North toll rd. Anyway north on the toll take a left at the waist line. There are a couple of place I would suggest, is a Fogo De Chow … will on the left side about 1, 2 miles down. This is a Brazilian steakhouse. They have these chips on the table … red side means stop, green means side go. This tells the waiter to stop bringing food! It's all great stuff and somewhere far from the buffet. They come by with steaks, lamb, chicken, etc. Now, the project law is not cheap either … of 40.00 a person. There is another place that is almost the same one most of the street called Texas de Brazil. Now for breakfast or lunch which has a siren on the way back to the toll or Madelin across the line toll bypass. The Madelin is a French-style cafe with good breakfast and snacks. Anyway, you should start and welcome to Texas! Ray

Alaska Fishing Trip

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